Episode 6 – “Dad, Musher, Champion, & Patriot.” – Hear an Interview with Martin Buser

Episode 6Hear an Interview with Martin Buser –  4 time Iditarod Winner and about to accomplish his 25th Iditarod in 2008.   This is an inspiring interview about one family’s life long dream and adventures around the World. 

Martin tells us about his life as a champion musher and his inspiring life as a father and member of the community.  This interview moved us to remember why we do what we do and to remember what are the more important things in life.  Come join us in hearing this American tell about his adventures in dog sledding and in raising Buser men.

Martin takes us from Nome to the Cliffs of Europe in this twisty-turning tales of running and racing dogs.  We hope you will reach out to Martin and let him know that you heard the interview, and stop by his place in Big Lake, Alaska to get a look at the wonderful kennel Martin and Kathy have put together.  http://www.buserdog.com/

Special Vet Tips – 5 Minutes with Dr. Tim Hunt.  Dr. Tim has provided us with a special Tip of the week; Injury Detection.  Each week Dr. Tim will give us a vet tip to help us raise healthy and strong racing dogs.  Thank you Dr. Tim from www.drtims.com.

Sled Dog Podcast
Sled Dog Podcast
Episode 6 - “Dad, Musher, Champion, & Patriot.” - Hear an Interview with Martin Buser

6 thoughts on “Episode 6 – “Dad, Musher, Champion, & Patriot.” – Hear an Interview with Martin Buser”

  1. Thanks so much for your interview with my favorite musher, Martin Buser! How about one with Rohn next?:)
    I like the way you let your guest talk and don’t hog the airtime! One of my frustrations in listening to interviews is when the hosts talk more than the guest does! But you don’t do that at all,the interview really is meaty and lets Martin expound on his stories in a great way. Well done, awesome site, thank you, thank you!

  2. I love his stories! They make me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Who else would come up with the “doritidi.” I chuckle every time I think of it. I heard once that Martin Buser home schooled, but he talked about his kids being in school. Does anyone know if he homeschooled for at least part of the time? I want to share some of his stories with a group of homeschooled kids this year. (We’re doing a unit study on the Iditarod together.)

  3. Hi! I love Martin Buser! I am in 6th grade and we’re studying the Iditarod! I love the interveiw! I wish I could meet Martin in person!

  4. What a great interview! Martin seems so personable and down to earth. This was my favorite episode thus far.

  5. Just finished listening to this at work — what a fantastic interview! It felt very personal with all those great stories. You guys are wonderful hosts, I’ll be subscribing to the podcast for sure when I get home.

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