Story 10 – Stories From Shony – “Iditarod Part 2”

Story 10 – Stories from Shony – “Iditarod Part 2”

This story is about leadership and following the commands of the Master.  As the race continues to the Yukon and beyond, listen to the brave move of a musher as he battles the elements and strengthens his team through calm commands and insight to put Wings in the lead.  Join Shony as she shares with the pups in the kennel about the blizzard and trials of the Southern Route.  Will the Mushers move pay off, will he survive, will the team keep going?  All these questions will be answered in Story 10.  Come join us in the Last Great Race on Earth.    Download the Southern Route Map Here.  Right Click and click “Save As”

Sled Dog Podcast
Sled Dog Podcast
Story 10 - Stories From Shony - “Iditarod Part 2”